Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fort Sill, Oklahoma

This is why Mathew is not a pilot.
We played at the park the day before I left to go back home. We went all over the place, but we always forget to grab the camera. We took these with our phones, but they turned out good.
I have not been on a swing in a long time, it was so much fun.
We drove this charger around all week thinking that we had insurance on it. we did not know that the insurance had dropped Mathew the day he left for deployment. We gave them the orders before he left, but thought that I would have to come in and tell them to take him off the insurance. They just did it on their own. I am just glad nothing happened while we were driving it. It was a nice car to drive in. We got it because they were all out of the regular cars, and that was okay with both of us. It was brand new only had a few miles on it. It still had the new car smell not the fast food smell like other rental cars have. I will just say Mathew broke the car in well. It was so much fun to ride around in it.

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Zack & Shaunna said...

Thanks for putting these pictures on.